Sofa Rental – New York – New Jersey – Connecticut

Sofa Rental selection used in lougnge rental around the dance floor.

Sofa Rental – New York – New Jersey – Connecticut


Our team receives calls everyday regarding lounge furniture rentals in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Since 2009, our inventory of sofa rentals and couch rentals has grown to over 15 different sofa selections, multiple collections, colors and styles. Having such a large inventory allows us to offer endless combination of solutions to our clients. While speaking to customers, we often get asked “what is the correct amount of sofa rentals we need for our event?”. Often the answer depends on multiple factors.


One of the main factors of course, is how many guests you are having at your event that you would like seated in your sofa rental selection. More times than not, the furniture is being utilized inside of a lounge which is placed around the main area of the event. Our team of experts believe lounge furniture should be provided for anywhere between 1/3 of the amount of guests you are expecting for non seated events, and 1/4 of your guest count for seated events. With these numbers in mind, sofa rentals are often complimented by our coffee tables, benches, side tables and more.


The next factor, is the type of guests you are having at your event. Our sofa rental recommendation often varies when receiving this information. Our sofa rentals consist of various material types, that each have their benefit during an event. For example: Our white modern sofa rentals are made of faux leather, and are perfect for any music venue or club night where drinks are often accidentely spilled. These modern white sofa rentals allow for an easy clean up, without leaving the sofa damp or wet for your guests to remain seated on. Our Bea sofa rental collection, is made of soft suede like material, which in return absorbs spills, and would not be a good selection for this type of event. However these Bea sofa rentals are perfect for any corporate, or private event where drink spillage is at a minimum. The last thing we want for your clients guests is having to stand all night because the sofa rental is permanently wet for the remainder of the night.


The last factor, is the type of theme, or the color scheme you have selected for your upcoming event. A few of our sofa rentals can be fully customized to match the color scheme of your event. The possibilities are endless with our fabrication team. Speak to a representative today for more information on your next sofa and couch rental.




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