LED Dining Tables For All Occasions

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LED Dining Tables For All Occasions


Create a relaxed and exciting ambiance with our LED dining table rentals. We are your premier furniture rental company in NYC with a mission to provide stunning contemporary LED tables to brighten up your venue. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality LED tables that can easily be illuminated in a color that suits the requirements of your event. Customers can choose from our range of quality LED illuminated dining tables that are available in modular and round designs, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Whether it’s a chilled out event, exhibition, corporate event or wedding, our illuminated dining tables are designed to serve as decoration for your venue whilst at the same time offering the same functionality as a regular table. Our full range of illuminated dining tables comes in sizes of 4’x4′ square, 4’x8′ and 4′ x unlimited lengths for the modular designs. As an alternative to modular designs, we also offer 60″ and 30″ round tables. With a bright LED light source, these tables add vibrant color and are a real talking point amongst your guests. Each piece is powered to transmit a colorful glow which illuminates the surrounding area in a color of your choice which is perfect for themed parties.



The tables come with a light color-changing technology that can be programmed to be lit in just about any shade of any color you can possibly imagine. With a variety of shades and modes to choose from, the dining tables can be used multiple times switching colors to suit room themes and events. They are fully illuminated on the top and sides, waterproof for safe outdoor use and can come with a wireless remote control for a hassle-free LED light that can be controlled from afar.


Long-lasting power

The use of illuminated dining furniture is a popular way of adding a touch of style to any dining experience. The tables use rechargeable batteries that hold enough power to provide stunning visuals for hours, so there is no need to worry about unsightly cables that run across your event space floor posing as a safety hazard for your guests.


Custom Branded LED Light Up Illuminated Dining Tables

The best thing about our LED tables is that they can easily be customized with a logo, design, and theme of the event for a more personalized feel. You want your guests to walk into a venue, and the first thing they notice is your custom branded dining tables. Our graphic designers will work with your ideas to create the perfect custom table that makes a great fit for your event. Your guests will certainly enjoy the elegant look of your glowing tables that are ideal for all occasions.


We go the extra mile for our clients to supply exactly what is needed while making sure to deliver as scheduled and in perfect condition. Our experienced team of technicians will discuss the best options for your event and advise on the most practical solutions to achieve the desired results.

Browse through our online catalog to view our assortment of illuminated dining furniture, and you will see why we are New York’s top event rental company for furniture and stylish décor. Contact us today to find out more about our event furniture for rental and hire our illuminated LED dining tables for your next event.

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Our mission is to curate and deliver unparalleled live events through creative and unconventional experiences and environments. With over 20 years of combined experience, our staff and team have the knowledge and tools to bring your ideas from concept to completion. Over the years our team have been to work along the side of some of the world’s largest brands and corporations. In doing so, it has allowed us the opportunity to develop partnerships with such as One World Observatory, Madison Square Garden, Barlcays Entertainment Group, Unilever, and more.

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