Black Seamless Dance Floors

Our Black Seamless Dance floor are next to none. This fully acrylic dance floor will leaves your guests speechless as they step onto it for the first time. Our Black Seamless Dance Floor is perfect for any corporate event or private occasion. It has been featured in John Legends, Under The Stars Music Video (Live Performance with Stella Artois) adding the final and crucial piece as guests were emerged into a once in a life time performance “Under the stars”.


Seamless Dance Floors available in any color!

White & Black Portable Dance Floor Tiles 

Our white and black dance floor tiles are perfect for any venue need.
These 4′ x 4′ tiles interlock creating a completely scalable portable dance floor. Due to the design, our product can be set up in multiple number of patterns.
Our design team will assist you every step of the way in order to achieve the perfect look for your next event.

Wireless - Self Powered

LED Dance Floor

LED Illuminated Dance Floors take state of the art technology to the next level. Adding vivid colors of light to your venue, this product will add that final “wow” factor. Starting at 8″ High from the group, these fully customizable tiles can be used to build an array of dance floor sizes and heights. Often combined pieces are added for an additional stage area for your guests or entertainers. Due to its wireless technology, this dance floor is perfect for any venue, with; or without power.

Using this product, we also offer a variety of solid colors ( non illuminated) as well as our Ghost Series. Our See Trough Dance Floor Rental is perfect for any client that wants to showcase a brand, product, floral arrangement and much much more. In the past, we have filled our dance floors with water and live fish, floral arrangements, flameless candles, and our clients products. Speak to a representative today to find out more about our Illuminated Dance Floors.